Business Hire

A new way to conduct your meetings safely

2020 has presented us with a whole host of new challenges and is constantly making us think us of new and different ways we can adapt to get back to some form of normal. In some instances though, that’s just not possible and especially in business, that face to face interaction is vital. The problem is that international travel now comes with more restrictions, and if you choose to fly on crowded planes – more risk too.

We’re here to offer you a new solution to these challenges, one where you can swap the Zoom conference calls on your laptop for the zoom of one of our high-spec’d camper vans or motorhomes.

Forget public transport, hotels, and going into client offices. Your staff will have their safe mobile bubble which is three in one: mode of transport, hotel room and office. They can work their way around the country or even continent meeting everyone they need to completely safely and making big savings. 

Reliable Transport

Brand new VW T6 or Motorhome with full breakdown cover and insurance.

Your Room

Spacious, warm and with a kitchen. (Motorhome also includes toilet, shower and garage)

Your Office

Desk space and room to meet clients.

How Would it Work?

Whether you pick our motorhomes or campervans, you’ll have your own mobile office, with plenty of room to work from, store everything you need and be safe in the knowledge that you’re not needlessly mixing with other people you don’t want or need to be near.

So it turns out that the scenic route is also the safer route these days too; hire one of our VW Camper Vans or motorhomes from as little as £86 per night and make your Monday – Friday office a whole lot more interesting.

If you need to head over to mainland Europe then simply add an extra £7 per night and if you need to hire the van for longer then just give us a shout and we’ll be more than happy to help and see what we can do.


Mind your own business!

We know that you don’t want to be worrying about the camping side of things too much, and that you have more important things to concentrate on – so let us take that off your hands. For an additional charge, we can plan your route and arrange all of your accommodation and campground stays for the whole of your trip, leaving you to focus on your business without the unnecessary distractions.

Our pricing is the same as for recreational rentals which you can search for in our main site (maximum mileage may apply). Contact us to discuss your requirements and to obtain a quote or please get in touch to enquire about our long-term rental prices if you require a vehicle for longer than 2 months.