Isle of Skye

The Quirrang

The Quirrang

The Northernmost summit of the Trotternish Ridge on the Isle of Skye, The Quirrang is an essential walk for anyone visiting the area, offering spectacular views of the craggy scenery come rain or shine.

Your journey will start will a windy drive up a steep and narrow single-track road; we’d recommend starting your journey early to avoid much traffic coming down towards you, and to make sure you get parked up okay once at the top (which will cost you £3-£5).

Once you’re out of your vehicle, the unique nature of the landscape will hit you before you even reach the start of the trail – this formation is caused by one of Britain’s largest landslips, and actually continues to move a number of centimetres each year.


You’ll find the start of the trail in the corner of the carpark, which takes you via a well-worn narrow path, sloping around the edges of the hills and presenting multiple vantage points looking back across the valley and even out to sea on a clear day. As you continue to walk further round, the rock towers which hang over head resemble something which wouldn’t look out of place in the likes of Peru.

Be sure to wear good walking boots, and take extra care as there are some steep drops, but this walk is well worth battling any slight fear of heights you may have – and for photographers, well it’s simply a dream.


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