North Coast 500

Red Point

Red Point Beach

As you make your way around the North Coast 500, one of the most unexpected highlights you’ll encounter are the many pristine and unspoilt beaches. One of our favourites that we came across also happens to be hit with the locals too and is definitely worth the detour to spend an afternoon – or even the night there.

Situated about a 30 minute drive away from Gairloch, Red Point beach is tucked away in the North West corner of the country and well-hidden by the long and winding single-track roads which deter any approach. There is a small carpark, or something resembling one at the end, but the drive there is certaintly no walk in the park.

Bear in mind though, it’s the beach you’re coming for, not a stroll in a park, and believe us when we say it is well worth persisting for.


When you reach the car park, you’re still a short walk away from the beach. Make your way through the kissing gate and through the field towards the coast.

Before you reach the giant sand dunes, you’ll notice decent and relatively flat spots of grass, just off the well-worn path. If you’re camping in a tent, and looking for a wild camping spot, you’ll find few better than this. Do bear in mind though that you will have to carry all of your gear from the car, so only take the necessities that you’ll need for the night.

Whether you stop to set up camp or not, scramble up the imposing sand dunes and pause for a moment to take in the amazing view of the red-pigmented sand and the distant mountains oo the Isle of Skye. One of the most common travel questions people get asked is if they prefer the beach or mountains and the beauty of Scotland and the North Coast 500 in particularly, is that you can have both.