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COVID Safe Holidays

The world is a complicated place at the moment, but despite the challenges, thankfully it will be possible to travel again. Quarantine periods and restrictions may be of concern if you are planning on going abroad, but if you’re up for exploring a bit closer to home, there’s not a more socially distanced way of travelling than a roadtrip in one of our vehicles.

It really is possible to be safe and continue making fantastic memories – even in a pandemic!

Your Booking is Safe if there are new restrictions due to COVID

Booking a trip is stressful enough as it is, without throwing a pandemic in the mix! Booking through GOAT Roadtrip doesn’t only make the planning process easier, it also provides peace of mind when it comes to cancellations and extraordinary circumstances.

If you book a package through us (rental and accommodation)

Booking a package always provides the highest level of protection. If the UK goes into lockdown again due to COVID-19 and we have to cancel the package, we’ll provide you with a choice of cash refund, postponement or credit note. Cancellations are also possible up to 6 weeks before departure, so if you can’t travel for any other reason, you will only lose your 25% deposit. As you’ll have booked a package with us, you won’t have to go through the hassle of claiming money back from each individual campsite and vehicle hire company – we’ll do all the work for you!

If you hire a vehicle from us (without accommodation)

We understand everyone hires for different reasons, from going wild camping in Scotland, to visiting friends and relatives, and not all bookings need to be a package with accommodation. During the coronavirus pandemic, we are happy to provide you with a free postponement or credit note if certain travel restrictions are put in place. If you aren’t able to leave your home area, the area that you were planning on going to is in lockdown, or our depot falls within a travel restriction, you will be able to move your date for free (if your new dates are more expensive then you would have to pay the difference) or receive a credit note. Please note that we may change the depot location to another which falls outside of a travel restriction. If this happens we will contact you to ask whether you can go to the new location – if you can’t, you will still receive a credit note. All credit notes will be valid for 3 years. Now that’s a nice feeling to know that if you suddenly can’t travel, that as soon as you can again, you have a little getaway in the bank ready to go!

Your booking is safe even if some campsites are forced to close*

While we hope that every company and supplier will survive this dreadful situation, we know that it may not be possible, and we plan accordingly! We have several partner campsites in each area of the country, so if the site we’ve booked you in has to close, we’ll always provide you with another. We may need to re-route you slightly, but we would never leave you stranded! We are also insured by International Passenger Protection meaning your money is secure in the event of financial failure.

* If you have booked a package through us including campsites

The government is still advising social distancing, wearing masks, etc

The best roadtrips are those which never cross a major city – it’s just you, your Jeep, motorhome or campervan, and your camera. You’ll be visiting small villages or quaint towns, but for the most part you’ll only be in contact with your fellow travellers and the sheep, cows and horses you meet along the way (this is the UK after all)! All the campsites we use are applying social distancing measures and adhering to the current government guidelines, so when you do have to be around other people, you’ll be safe.

What about the rental vehicles – what if the previous users had COVID-19?

Here at GOAT Roadtrip, we have a set cleaning protocol that all of our fully trained staff follow. All of our vehicles are thoroughly cleaned inside and out in between each rental. Our cleaners wear protective gear including masks and gloves to make sure no traces are left behind. We also provide cleaning sprays for each rental to keep the vans as clean as possible whilst you’re away.

Will the handover be safe?

Your safety is our main concern, so we have set a few rules to make the handover risk-free for everyone.

Staff will be wearing a mask at all times – we suggest you do the same!

All documents and keys will be exchanged without any physical contact, and we will keep a 1m distance from you at all times.

You can even have your vehicle delivered and picked up again from your home (charges apply) meaning that you are literally moving directly from your home bubble to your new bubble on wheels and nowhere else. This service can be selected at checkout. 

You’ll find all the relevant information regarding arrival/departure and our safety measures here.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve booked Vehicle Only Rental - what happens if COVID restrictions are in place at the time of my trip or the UK goes into lockdown again?

If restrictions are in place where you live, where we’re based, or where you’re travelling to, you will be able to postpone your rental or obtain a GOAT credit note which is valid for 3 years.

I’ve booked a Roadtrip Package (including accommodation) - what happens if restrictions are in place at the time of my trip or the UK goes into lockdown again?

If restrictions are in place where you live, where we’re based, or where you’re travelling to, you will be able to postpone your rental or obtain a GOAT credit note which is valid for 3 years.

If we need to cancel your package, then you will be able to postpone your trip, obtain a GOAT credit note, or apply for a cash refund. As restrictions come in and out so quickly, we will make the decision to cancel your trip up to 48 hours before departure.

What if I can’t travel because I have to self-isolate?

We are unable to provide trip postponement, credit notes or refunds if you need to cancel your booking due to any members of your party having COVID19 or needing to self-isolate. This falls under our standard cancellation policy and would be something you should claim for on your travel insurance. 

I am eligible for a refund?

If we have had to cancel your Roadtrip Package due to COVID restrictions, then you are eligible for a cash refund.

You are not eligible for a cash refund for Vehicle Only Rentals (but you can postpone or have a credit).

 If you have decided that you no longer want your booking, and it is more than six weeks before your rental, then only your 25% deposit remains non-refundable and we can refund any further payments made. If it is less than six weeks to your booking, then we cannot offer you any money back as per our standard terms & conditions.

Should I get travel insurance even if I’m staying in the UK?

Yes! We always recommend getting travel insurance for any kind of trip – whether you’re staying in the UK or going abroad. This is incredibly important at the moment so please make sure you’re covered!

How will I know how to use all the features in the vehicle if the handover will be socially distanced?

We have a great app that we will send you the link to in your booking confirmation email. This has plenty of information about how everything works as well as step-by-step video tutorials. We suggest that you watch these before collecting your vehicle, so you can ask our friendly staff if you still have any questions before you hit the road. 

Do I need to wear a mask when I collect my vehicle?

Yes please! All our staff wear masks and will maintain a social distance throughout collection and drop off – we ask that you do the same (unless you have medical exemption of course).