Hire Documents

So you’ve decided to go on a GOAT Roadtrip – awesome choice! You’ve read all about what we will do for you – organising the route, booking the accommodation, cleaning the vans – but what do we need from you? Here’s the complete guide of all the information and documentation we need from you, so find all the details, send them to us 48 hours before pick-up, and you’ll save a lot of time at the handover 😊

Your Driving Licence

You must provide a UK/EU Driving licence with address displayed – the address must be the same as on your Proofs of Address. We will also need a DVLA check number, as you have to fit the following criteria. You CANNOT:

  • have had your licence suspended for any period within the last three years
  • have been involved in more than 1 ‘fault’ incident within the last three years
  • have more than 2 convictions with a maximum of 3 points per conviction
  • have obtained a BA, DD or UT conviction

Proof of Address

We need two proofs of address per driver. These documents can be bank statements, utility bills or council tax bills, and must be less than 90 days old. Please make sure you provide two different types of document, we cannot accept two bank statements or two utility bills. If both drivers are from the same household, please make sure either both names are on the bills/statements, or that there are separate documents for each driver. If you don’t have enough documents, let us know and we’ll try to help.

  • The document is in your name. If you’ve recently changed names it will need to be in your current name
  • The date is clearly visible and is dated in the last 90 days
  • The address on the document matches the address on your driving license
  • You have provided documents for every driver

Screenshots of online bills or photos of bills are fine provided they meet all the criteria above.

We know this might be complicated, so we recommend looking for those documents well before the departure date. If, sue to your specific circumstances, you’re struggling to find suitable proof, please get in touch and we will do our best to help you find an alternative.

Arrival Day

Your safety is our main concern, so here are all the rules we’ve put in place to make this the safest handover possible.

First, on arrival day, please make sure you call or text ahead, so we know what time you’ll be arriving. This will help us have everything ready on time, so there’s no waiting time.

Make sure you’ve sent us all the required documents 24 hours before departure, so the handover is quick and we can send you on your way without delay. You’ll need to show us your driving licence when you arrive, as well as the co-driver’s licence (if there is one).

Once you’ve booked your rental, we’ll give you access to our custom-made Vanual app, which will have all the information on the van, how it works, hot to set it up, etc. Please make sure you read this thoroughly before handover, as this will not only make the process faster, but will also help us avoid close contact.

We will do our best to keep a 1m distance from you at all times, as well as avoid any physical contact. We will be wearing masks and gloves during the handover, and we ask you to be wearing at least a mask during the entire process.

Once everything is sorted and you’re ready to go, we will hand you the keys to your car or van. We will first disinfect them with sanitiser, put them in a box, and walk away to a safe distance. You will then be able to pick the keys up and start your adventure!

We realise this may seem like an effort, but everyone’s safety is vital to us, and we want to make your adventure as socially responsible and safe as it can be.

If you want more information on our COVID-19 policies, cleaning process, or other details regarding the pandemic, please visit our Coronavirus page