Planning a Roadtrip – a beginner’s guide

Getting started…

You’ve decided to go on a Roadtrip – wonderful! It’s an amazing way of discovering the stunning British countryside, especially in the current situation. It’s just you, your car and the incredible scenery – social distancing is easy here!

Planning a Roadtrip

First things first – let us know who you’re travelling with! You then just need to let us know how long you want to travel for, where you want to go, how long you’re willing to drive each day and your budget. Roadtrips are great fun but, like any trip, they can also be stressful. Make sure you include something for everyone’s taste on your trip!

Where to go?

The best way to create a route is to think about what you’d like to get out of your holiday. Have a read of the list below to work out where might be the best destination for you!

  1. You like the outdoors, hiking, climbing, canyoning, stunning mountain views? Scotland, North Wales, the Lake or Peak Districts!
  2. You prefer relaxing on the beach, swimming, surfing, ice-cream, museums? The South-West Coast!
  3. You’re fascinated by the UK’s bloody history, ruined castles, local legends? Scotland or Wales!
  4. All you care about is stunning scenery, a cold pint and awesome local food? Yorkshire Dales!

Once you have a shorter list, let us know what your favourite options are, and we’ll help you choose. Depending on how long you want to drive, how far you’re willing to go and how high your fuel budget is, we’ll help you decide on the best trip.

Choose Your Vehicle

Once you’ve decided where you’re going it’s time to decide which vehicle fits your itinerary better. Choose from our stylish VW Campervans, spacious Motorhomes or opt for a unique Jeep and TentBox experience. Rest assured, whichever you choose, you are getting a reliable vehicle with fully comprehensive insurance as standard. Our vehicles are available to those aged 23 and above (21 and 22 on request) and sleep up to 6 people.


What are my accommodation choices?

We partner with the best campsites and glampsites in the UK. Don’t think its all about nasty campsites from your Duke of Edinburgh Award – we’re talking decent facilities in great locations. Depending on what you opt for, you will be staying in the very campervan you’re driving, in a campsite (bring your own tent) or in a glampsite (yurts, tipis, sheperd’s huts etc). When you get your travel pack through the post, it will include all the details of everywhere you are staying along with all the directions. Everything is pre-paid so just rock up and settle in. 

Travel Insurance

This is the one issue you can’t compromise on – make sure everyone has a good and comprehensive travel insurance policy. Of course, we hope that everything goes as planned, you have an amazing trip, and nothing bad ever happens in the world, but realistically 2020 has shown us that’s not always the case! We do include fully comprehensive vehicle insurance as standard.

Now is your chance to discover your country.

Just you, your favourite people and the road.

Discover our guides to the best places in the UK to roadtrip; from the highest roads in Britain, to incredible beaches and coastlines. For more destination guides and travel articles, be sure to check out our blog too!



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