Devon & Cornwall Guide

The South West of England is one of the most popular regions for holidays, and for good reason. Stunning coastlines, beautiful beaches, quaint villages, fun activities and welcoming locals – all these elements contribute towards making Devon and Cornwall an incredible summer destination. Whether you’re going for a fun family roadtrip, a romantic getaway or a trip with friends, you’ll find your happiness here – so pack your swimsuit, your walking shoes and your ice-cream fund, and get on the road!

Where to visit

Let’s start at the end – more specifically, Land’s End, the South-Western most point of England. Take a photo at the legendary signpost and enjoy the stunning view over the Penwith Heritage Coast. If you’re up for a short walk along the cliffs, Enys Dodnan Arch makes for a great photo opportunity. If you enjoy any type of outdoor activity – walking, cycling, horseback riding, climbing – make sure you spend a few days in Dartmoor National Park. With its vast moorlands, unique rock formations and stunning wildlife, this park is truly amazing, and offers an activity for everyone. If you prefer towns and all the fun they offer, Newquay Cornwall is your best bet! As one of the best seaside towns in the UK, it’s the perfect place to spend a few days on the beach, relaxing at the end of a long roadtrip. Enjoy the beautiful water, the long sandy beaches, the excellent seafood or, grab a board and go surfing! Fistral Beach is possibly the most famous, so avoid it if you dislike big crowds, though it’s perfect in the off-season.

Main Attractions

Surrounded by so much water, Devon and Cornwall are a swimmer’s paradise. Any water-based activity you can think of is possible there, from surfing to diving to cliff jumping. If you prefer to stay dry, walking is another outdoorsy and healthy activity which you can enjoy in the South West of England. From cliff walks to the Dartmoor National Park, you’ll find a range of terrain and stunning scenery to admire. Cornwall has a rich history filled with stories of shipwrecks, smuggling, seafarers and pirates. This bloody history, full of angry corpses, has led to the birth of countless legends, making Cornwall the most haunted area in England. From Pengersick Castle to Bodmin Jail, take a tour of the most haunted houses, streets and castles in Cornwall and see if you can spot any paranormal activity. Ghost hunting is a popular pastime in this part of England, so make sure you haven’t angered any dead relatives before visiting or you may be in for a nasty reunion!

Food and Drink

Visiting Cornwall without trying a Cornish Pasty would be sacrilege – delicious flaky pastry filled with tasty meat and vegetables – perfection! Now filled with any kind of food you can think of, the original pasty, with its beef, onions, swede and potatoes is still the best. As well as being delicious, the Cornish Pasty is also very practical – less messy than traditional sandwiches, it’s the perfect picnic meal. Alternatively (or as well!), these counties are known for their extraordinary seafood, especially their shellfish. A typical Cornish sandwich is filled with crabmeat – as fresh as can be, and incredibly delicious! Spending the day on the beach inevitably means ice cream  is on the menu – it may not be a local speciality, but it’s the perfect seaside snack at any time of the day.