Dog Friendly Campervan Hire

5 Tips For Travelling With Your Pet
dog friendly campervan hire

Here at GOAT Roadtrip, we are proud to offer dog friendly campervan hire. We get that holidays and staycations are about bringing everyone together and making memories – and we include your lovely doggos in that too! That’s why three members of our van family – Fernandez, Carlos and Alejandro, are all set up and ready to accommodate the furry members of yours.

We know this might be the first time many people have taken their pets on holiday, so we’ve composed a list of five handy tips and tricks to make your camping trip with your four-legged friend as easy as possible.

Pack The Essentials

Aside from your usual pet supplies, there’s some extra essentials to think about when taking your dog camping. A collapsible bowl is a great, space-saving way of keeping your pet hydrated that also comes in handy for day trips. Don’t forget your bottled water for refills! Depending on where you’re planning to travel, it might be worth investing in a travel mat or blanket to keep your pet warm at night.

dog friendly campervan hire

Dog friendly campsites

Before heading off for your travels, it’s important to check that your chosen campsites are dog friendly. Many campsites that are happy to welcome your furry friends do sometimes have restrictions for certain dog breeds. The majority don’t accept breeds or crossbreeds listed in the Dangerous Dog Act and/or the following breeds: Staffordshire bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Rottweiler, any type of Mastiff or Tosa. Some campsites may also have a limit on the number of dogs allowed per pitch so it’s worth checking before you book. Of course, if you book one of our set routes, including accommodation then we’ll check all of this and do the work for you – so you don’t need to worry!

dog friendly campervan hire

Take a lead

The general rule for campsites is that dogs must be on a lead while on the site. Make sure you have a shorter lead for around the communal areas and children’s play parks and a slightly longer lead so they can explore around your pitch.

dog friendly campervan hire

Dog friendly attractions

The best part about taking your pet camping is that they get to experience the holiday with you.  Make sure you check if the nearby attractions are suitable for your extra family member to avoid leaving them in the car all day. The UK has some great dog-friendly beaches on offer and loads of outdoor activities for your pet to enjoy.

dog friendly campervan hire

Taking your dog abroad

Taking your pet abroad can seem like quite the task. As it stands, if you’re travelling to an EU country or country that accepts UK issued EU passports then there’s a short list of requirements. Your pet will need: a microchip, rabies vaccine and boosters, a valid pet passport and tapeworm treatment for certain countries.

However, when the Brexit transition period ends and Britain leaves the EU on 1st January 2021, new rules will be coming into place. At the moment, the exact guidelines haven’t been published but, the government recommend starting the administration process 4 months before travelling. The best thing to do is to keep track of the government advice and contact your vet for the up to date requirements.

By Rachel Hammerton

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