Scotland Guide

Breath-taking scenery, weird food, and indecipherable accents – that’s the image most people have of this incredible country. Whoever has seen Harry Potter, James Bond or Outlander will undoubtedly put Scotland high up on their bucket list – the everchanging scenery and stunning landscapes are too beautiful to miss out on! What better way to discover the jaw-dropping scenery of this country than on a roadtrip? Driving on small country roads, discovering hidden gems around every corner, visiting ruined castles, taking the perfect photos at sunset in the mountains – the possibilities are endless.

Where to visit

Scotland is a small country, but it certainly has a lot of incredible places to visit, so unless you have 2 to 3 months to travel, you won’t be able to see everything. While the entire country is well worth a visit, there are certain areas which are simply outstanding, and which we would recommend. The area between Glencoe and Fort William (Ben Nevis) is one of the most stunning areas in Scotland, perfect for hiking, climbing, photography, or simply relaxing in a beautiful spot. Loch Ness is another place you cannot miss, even if you don’t believe in monsters and mythology. Take a day to relax on the lake shore, visit castle ruins, go for a walk, and try to spot the legendary creature – you can even go for a swim if you dare! The Isle of Skye should definitely be on your Scottish bucket list – with its dramatic coastline, stunning mountains and fascinating history, it is truly a magical place. Loch Lomond, the largest inland stretch of water in the UK will enchant you with its stunning scenery, quaint villages and fun activities.

Main Attractions

Of course, a roadtrip is mainly about driving and enjoying stunning scenery, but you may want to leave the car and stretch your legs once in a while. Scotland is full of fun activities, from hiking to whisky tasting, fishing to kayaking – everyone will find something they enjoy! The most famous activity must be hiking to the top of Ben Nevis, for both bragging rights and incredible photos (make sure the weather is nice, or your Instagram photo will just be a grey blur). If you like the outdoors, but you’d rather avoid heavy hiking shoes, Scotland is the birthplace of golf. If your roadtrip takes you anywhere near St Andrews, enjoy a nice game on one of the oldest courses in the world! While you’re there, take a stroll around this quaint student town, or maybe take a dip in the icy North Sea. A trip to Scotland without a glass of whisky is impossible, so make sure you visit a whisky distillery on your trip. With over 100 distilleries across Scotland, you’ll definitely find one on your way. The tours are fascinating, full of information on the history and creation of whisky, and the tastings afterwards are a unique experience you’re not likely to forget – just make sure you’re within walking distance of your accommodation for the night. Scotland is full of castles, some ruined, others not – all well worth a visit. Unless you stick to the highway the entire trip, which we don’t recommend, you’ll come across some incredible ruins in the countryside just waiting to be explored! Take a perfect photo with ruins and a sunset in the background and become the envy of all your friends in no time.

Food and Drink

We’ve covered whisky tasting, but we haven’t yet mentioned food – Scotland isn’t known as a foody country, but it certainly should be! Haggis may be unpopular with tourists, but it’s a local delicacy which is worth a try – at least for bragging rights and the Instagram post! Made with sheep liver, heart and lungs, it definitely doesn’t sound appealing, but if cooked properly with lots of spices, it becomes a delicious dish. If your stomach and palate can’t handle such unusual food, go for fresh local seafood – salmon, trout, mussels, oysters, lobster – Scotland is surrounded by water and filled with lakes and rivers, so the seafood here is as fresh and delicious as it can be! If you have a sweet tooth, real Scottish shortbread is simply to die for! Sweet and crumbly, it will simply melt in your mouth and transport you straight to heaven. There’s nothing better after a long drive than a steaming cup of tea, brewed to perfection, and a plate of shortbread to get your energy back up.