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Fits any vehicle

Well almost all vehicles!

Can’t fit it yourself? We can install your tentbox for £100. You just need to have your cross bars fitted before the installation. Please ask your local dealership or Halfords about this.

Speedy set-up

Setting up a TentBox is quick and easy.

You’ll be the envy of all of your fellow campers! Set-up time: 2-5 minutes depending on TentBox model.

Cosy & comfortable

Off the ground, away from the mud

Some of the best TentBox times are when it’s pouring it down with rain, and you’re cosy and dry, high off the ground in your TentBox.

Compact & lightweight

Perfect for even the smallest vehicles

The entry model TentBox Lite weighs just 50kgs, and folds in half, so it takes up minimal space on your roof.

Keep the bugs out!

All doors and windows come with a fine anti-fly mesh. This means you can let the air in, but keep the bugs out!

Built to last - 5 year warranty

All TentBox frames are constructed out of the highest quality aluminium components.

Unlike other brands, we reinforce the base with steel to ensure long-term durability with an industry leading 5 year extended warranty.

Support your hobby

Do more of the things you love

TentBox is a cost-effective way to support your outdoor hobby. Turn your car into an adventure-ready camper so you can get outside more on the weekends.