Maybe you’ve heard the silly jokes, watched Gavin & Stacey, seen some stunning photos, or maybe studied the bloody history of the Welsh and English co-existence – whatever the reason, you’ve decided to visit this magical country, and now you’re not sure on where to go. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Wales may be small, but it’s full to the brim with beauty, landscapes, history, culture, and fun, whether you’re travelling with friends, family, or on a romantic getaway.

Where to visit

Wales is truly the land that has it all: mountains, a stunning coast, rolling hills, and lovely cities. So how do you choose where to go? Of course, you can take a few weeks off work and discover every inch of this stunning country but, if time is not on your side, here are some of our favourite spots. Snowdonia is the third national park in Great Britain – home to Mount Snowdon, one of the most popular Welsh attractions. With its stunning mountains, beautiful lakes, quaint villages and fun activities, it really can’t be missed. If you prefer a different kind of scenery, Brecon Beacons National Park is another option: it includes both mountain ranges and moorlands and is perfect for mountain biking and hiking. For anyone interested in astronomy, make sure you stop in the Park for at least one night, as it is a utopia for stargazing, recognised as an International Dark Sky Reserve. If you’re looking for a relaxing day on the beach, Colwyn Bay and Llandudno are your best options. Pretty beaches, long piers, ice-cream and bike tours – perfect for a nice summer day with your friends or family. For all you history buffs out there, make sure you visit Conwy Castle – built in the late 13th century, it has been beautifully restored to let visitors take a complete tour of the battlements. It would be crazy not to mention Wales’ capital city, Cardiff. Full of museums, restaurants, shops and of course, Cardiff Castle, this town is beautiful and intriguing enough to warrant stopping for a few nights.

Main Attractions

The most obvious activity in Wales is hiking, and for good reason! Snowdon is the highest peak in England or Wales, and definitely one of the most popular. The National Park is stunning and the mountain provides amazing views which are relatively easy to access. The Brecon Beacons also provides beautiful hiking trails in a different landscape, so if you’re into walking of any kind, you’re really spoilt for choice in Wales. While we’re on the topic of the Brecon Beacons and the great outdoors– it’s one the best areas in the UK for mountain biking. If you have a spare day, hire a bike, get a map, and head off into the national park for a day of adventure and stunning scenery! If you’re less into the outdoors, there are plenty of activities for you in Wales. Museums, art galleries, restaurants and shopping, this small country has it all. Or if you’re more interested in the past, you can learn more about the country’s fascinating history by going on a tour of its castles. Cardiff Castle, Conwy Castle and Pembroke Castle are just three of the many fortresses Wales has to offer.

Food and Drink

With such a long coastline, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Wales has amazing seafood – make sure you have fish & chips, oysters, lobster, or any other seafood you enjoy. Welsh rarebit is a point of confusion internationally – does it contain rabbit or not? As it turns out, it doesn’t, it’s simply delicious cheese on toast! Some will add extra ingredients such as spices, mustard or eggs, but the original is always best. For those of you with a sweet tooth, make sure you try a slice of bara brith with a perfectly brewed cup of tea. This ‘Speckled Bread’ might not be everyone’s favourite, but it’s definitely worth a try – see if you can work out what makes it taste so unique!