5 Best Games to Take on a Roadtrip

5 Best Games to Take on a Roadtrip

Connect 4

An absolute classic, loved by young and old alike and massively addictive. Let the kids practice between themselves until they think they’re on your level and then destroy them with ease and get on with the rest of your day. When you’ve met someone your match, you’ll be surprised how tactical and competitive this can get.


Another easy one to get one over on your hopeless children.  Why are they so heavy handed!? If your party is older (and more capable), then write some commands on each block – and turn it into more truth or dare, or even a drinking game once you’ve settled down in camp for the night.


Forget your 200 games in 1 box with thousands of tiny pieces, all you need for a good time and countless games is 52 cards. Quick and simple family friendly games like Snap or Fish, or longer, more tactical games like Palace (AKA Sh**head), Cheat, or Poker. A deck will fit nicely in your pocket wherever you go so you can be the life and soul of the party wherever you are!

Monopoly Deal

As good as the main version of Monopoly can be, we’re looking for games to enhance your road trip as opposed to take up full days with, that ultimately end in arguments…  Monopoly Deal is a fast-paced version of the well-loved full game that can be over in as little as 15 minutes – taking the best bits from the board game and leaving the long slog format and fights for Christmas time only.


Another classic that deserves its place on this list and one you can make as friendly or as competitive as you like. The beauty of Scrabble is that no two games tend to be anything alike, and it’s one that’ll get the brain working.

Vehicle Hire

VW T6.1 Campervans


The classic roadtrip


Sleeps 6

A home away from home

Jeep with Tentbox

Sleeps 2

For adventurous couples