Different Rules and Regulations in Scotland

Different Rules and Regulations in Scotland

Heading to Scotland? We’ve put together a list of laws, regulations and other handy things that are a little bit different from England.

The drink driving limit is lower in Scotland than England

In England the legal limit is 35mcg per 100ml of breath whilst driving. In Scotland it’s significantly lower, at 22mcg per 100ml. Don’t get caught out by this one!

Supermarkets don’t shut early on Sundays

Ever headed out shopping, only to realise that it’s Sunday afternoon and everything is shut? In Scotland this rule doesn’t exist, so supermarkets can stay open late on Sundays.

Shops can't sell alcohol after 10pm

Pubs, bars and clubs can serve later into the night, but if you’re planning a boozy evening in make sure you’re stocked up before 10pm!

Gaelic on road signs

Up in the Highlands, lots of the road signs are bilingual! Keep an eye out for these if you’re up on the North Coast 500, and don’t be confused if you don’t immediately recognise the spelling on the signs. Don’t worry, the English spelling is always on the sign too.

Scottish money is different

Scotland has its own unique banknotes, and to make things more confusing there’s three different designs for each note. This means you could be holding three completely different looking Scottish tenners! English banknotes are also accepted North of the border, but you might have more difficulty spending Scottish money when you get back home. Despite what people say, scottish cash is not legal tender in England, but lots of places accept it and you can always take it to the bank. Our top tip is to spend it in a supermarket self-service machine!

By Tom Divey-Matthews

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