Camper v Car

Camper v Car

For many of us, this summer has proven that a staycation can be just as exciting and memorable as a trip abroad and holidaying closer to home is becoming all the more popular. One of the main decisions when organising a UK break is your accommodation type and, with such a huge range on offer, you might be struggling with which is the best for you. If you’re torn between who comes out on top in the camper v car debate, we’ve got a useful comparison guide to help you make the right choice!

The Great British Weather

Clear blue skies and warm summer days are what we all hope for any holiday. Unfortunately, we can’t rely on the Great British weather and it’s possible there’ll be a chance of showers for at least a short portion of your trip. This is where the campervan really comes into its own.

You don’t have to worry about the wet floors, muddy shoes and damp belongings that can often be a problem in tents. If you’re really unlucky with the weather, the advantage of a campervan is that you can very easily set off in search of a sunnier destination. There’s no waiting for the tent to dry before you can pack up and pitch up elsewhere.

Out and About

Arguably, day-tripping is much easier if you choose a car and tent option. Once you’ve pitched up, simply drive away for the day without worrying about packing. This is the major advantage of a tent in comparison to a campervan. However, in some ways, a campervan can give you more flexibility with your trip. If you fall in love with your day trip destination and want to spend more time exploring, then all you need to do is find a campsite. Having all of your belongings with you means you can be more spontaneous with your adventures!

Wining and Dining

For those of you with experience of camping in a tent, you might understand the struggle of cooking on a portable stove outdoors come rain or shine. With a campervan, you don’t have to be reliant on BBQ weather and instead, can enjoy a self-contained kitchenette. The facilities you’ll have depend on the type of campervan but, here at GOAT Roadtrip, our vans are fully equipped with a fridge with freezer compartment, 2 ring gas hob and a sink. There’s also a fold away table and, if you opt for a van with an awning, there’s plenty of opportunity for some sheltered alfresco dining.

camper v car
camper v car

Setting up

Depending on the length of the drive to your campsite, it’s possible you’ll arrive quite late. This can often be the winning arguement of the camper v car debate – you’ll most likely want to get the BBQ going and relax for the night rather than think about putting up the tent. Having a campervan means all you need to do is park up, roll out the awning and relax for the night.

Length of stay

If you’re only planning a long weekend away, then a tent definitely has its perks. Camping in a tent is cheaper and just as easy to organise as a campervan if you’re only stopping for a few nights. Depending on how much you like your home comforts, you might prefer a campervan for your longer stays. It’s definitely worth spending the extra to have a comfortable bed and kitchenette if you’re travelling for a fortnight or so. A van is also much more convenient if your planning on a road trip as opposed to a single destination holiday. There’s no need to set up your new home at each destination making it a much more relaxing way of exploring.

covid safe holidays
covid safe holidays

Planning on wild camping?

If you’re really looking for an adventure, you might be interested in wild camping. Without the restriction of having to reserve a campsite, you can spend the night in some the UKs most beautiful hidden locations and wake up to incredible sunsets or lake views. This type of camping is legal in Scotland and parts of England, so make sure you check before you travel! When it comes to wild camping, the campervan has some serious advantages.

You can simply pull over and park up without worrying about the rocky terrain and an uncomfortable night sleep. Of course, this style of camping is still possible in a tent but make sure you’re equipped with good quality camp beds! Campervans also have the added bonus of a leisure battery and so, even in the wilderness, you can keep your fridge cold and charge your electronics so you can always take that perfect Instagram picture.  


By Rachel Hammerton

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