One Pot Wonders

Part One

One Pot Wonders

Part One

We’re all for sitting around a campfire toasting marshmallows and making smores but there’s no need to limit your camping culinary skills there. We’re putting together a mini-series of one pot wonders and some dead easy camping cooking recipes that will leave tummies, tastebuds and whoever’s washing up very satisfied!



Mornin’ campers! Start your day of right with a hearty breakfast that’ll keep you going through any drivetime or hikes you’ve got in store for the day. So, get the campfire going – or use one of the gas rings if you’re in a GOAT Roadtrip Campervan or Motorhome – heat the olive oil and fry the shallots until soft before adding the cherry tomatoes for a minute further. You can then add in the egg mixture, the basil and the cheese and pop the lid on the pan and leave the cook for around 10 minutes. Check to make sure the frittata is puffing up and check the progress for up to another five minutes until your frittata is good to go. The most important meal of the day doesn’t have to be the hardest!

Ingredients: 8 eggs, ½ cup of milk, pinch of salt and pepper, olive oil, 1 shallot, cherry tomatoes, ½ cup grated cheese, ¼ cup of basil.


Chorizo & Cannellini Bean Hot Pot

Another easy camping recipe that epitomises it’s one pot wonder tag and packed with flavour that’s bound to go down a hit. Start by thinly slicing the bell pepper into strips and soften with the olive oil in the pan for five minutes or so, finely chop the garlic cloves and add them in too until golden and then chop and add the chorizo and paprika, before lowering the heat.

Drain the cannellini beans and add them to the pan along with the passata, chicken stock and water – season with salt and pepper to your taste, give it all a good stir and then let it simmer away to reduce slightly and combine all the flavours.

If you’re hungry then grab a nice baguette or ciabatta to have alongside the stew and voilà!

Ingredients: 1 large bell pepper, pack of cannellini beans, 150g chorizo, bunch of parsley, 500g tomato passata, paprika, 3 garlic cloves, chicken stock, 150ml water, olive oil.



One of our favourite easy camping cooking recipes and proof that you don’t need an oven to make the perfect nachos – just a bit of heat, stacked layers and some TLC.

First start by making the salsa – we’re going authentic (and healthy) so forget about the shop bought jars and get to chopping your tomatoes, chilis, brown onion and a bit of coriander as finely as you possibly can! When you’re done, give it a good mix, add a squeeze of lime juice, and set it to one side for the moment.

If you’re going all in, then you might as well do some guacamole whilst you’re at it. Again, take a couple of tomatoes and the red onion and chop as finely as you can. Spoon out and smash the avocados, lightly season with salt, and then add your red onion and tomato mix, a squeeze of lime plus a dash of milk (trust us) and stir thoroughly.

Now to put everything together: start by lightly oiling the bottom of your pan, to make sure you bottom layer isn’t going to stick and then it’s all about you! We like to make sure we’ve got plenty of everything in each layer – including the salsa and guacamole. When you’re happy with your creation, add it to the heat, with the lid on for around 10 minutes and tuck in!

Ingredients: tortilla chips, grated cheese, green and red chilis, 2 avocados, 1 brown onion, 1 red onion, 1 small lime, bunch of coriander, large tomatoes, olive oil.

by Alex Mulvey

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